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We make Metaverse simple.

Inner view of a futuristic vehicle

What We Do

We are building  something to beat Metamask or become a useful alternative. The way we looked at it is through making the Financial inclusion and Web3 very social.

WhatsApp has made the step into the same space just weeks after we launched and it gives us confidence that we are on the right path. Ahead of competition and still keeping the DECENTRALISED in our core

Our Vision

Being useful for the people in blockchain is our only purpose. We also believe that we exist because of You. And you have to benefit from being part of Clouch.

This is why we never gonna share your data with our advertisers (they know you like crypto, don't they? :) and 

You are going to earn every time there is a Clouch transaction made. Our staking plans will be revealed soon.

A sketch of a human-machine hybrid

Immediate Roadmap

We are ahead of anything we planned in our Whitepaper. Because the competition is not going to sleep. Our next phase is:

- Launch on BSC (Pancakeswap)

- Apple wallet approval

- Hiring more people

- Bring the token and liquidity pools analytics to the Clouch

For the rest, please refer to our Whitepaper

3d model of a human-machine hybrid

Our Team


Inventor. Creator and Investor of Clouch. Built 2 businesses in Telecom Billing. Patents holder and microtransactions guru.

Ex P&G and Ex PriceWaterhouse. 


Singlehandedly kept the Boston Airport IT system working. Brain behind anything crypto in Clouch. 
Tech Uni of Malaysia


YouTuber with 100K subs. Top front end developer and kickass marketing person. Cloned Uber in and online show in 4 hours. 
Uni of Leeds


The Blockchain and crypto enthusiast. Curious about everything cool.

Holding CLX you become our partner and shareholder. Thanks, mate!

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